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    WHOIS Privacy Terms

    This agreement is made between Host Solutions, Parkside House, East Parade, Harrogate, North Yorkshire, HG1 5LF, United Kingdom (including all or any of its subsidiaries, agents, successors and assigns), and you the customer (“Customer” which expression shall include its permitted successors and assigns).

    WHOIS Privacy Terms

    Registrants who opt to use the Contact Protect WHOIS Privacy Service have elected to include the following information in the public WHOIS database:

    1. Contact Protect will appear as the Registrant and Contact name(s)
    2. Contact Protect’s postal address, email address and telephone number shall appear on behalf of the Registrant and other contact(s)
    3. Nameserver information will be those designated by the Registrant
    4. The original registration, expiry and last update date of the domain name
    5. Host Solutions will be identified as the Registrar of Record

    You understand and agree that the Registrant and other Contact Information which you provide will be kept on file. You also acknowledge and agree that you will ensure WHOIS information and domain contacts are true, accurate and up to date.

    You will retain full control over the domain name and its registration records and you’re free to disable and reinstate the WHOIS Privacy Service at your discretion.

    The WHOIS Privacy Service may be used with both new and existing domain names. You may use the service with domains transferred to one of our partners, once the transfer has completed.

    If you wish to transfer a domain using Contact Protect to another registrar, the WHOIS Privacy Service will need to be disabled in order to initiate the transfer.

    All Registrar emails, such as domain renewal notices, WDRP, expiration notices, compliance notifications and other communique will be sent to the contacts you designated.

    Communications forwarding

    Communications received with respect to a particular domain name registration will be handled as follows:

    1. Postal Mail: When we receive mail which is sent by Registered Mail, Signed For or a traceable courier we will contact you via the email address(es) on file giving you 3 options; the option to receive a scanned copy of the mail, have the mail forwarded to you (postage fees may apply) or we can simply discard it.
    2. Email: If someone emails the email address on your WHOIS record, they will receive an automatic reply informing them that to get in contact with the domain owner they should use the contact form on
    3. Phone: If someone calls our number shown on the WHOIS record, they will hear a recorded message informing them that we do not accept voice messages and that to get in contact with the domain owner they should use the contact form on
    4. We will only be responsible for forwarding communications where our details appear in the WHOIS database and when your WHOIS information is accurate, complete and up to date

    You acknowledge and understand that standard postal mail will be discarded at our discretion; we also reserve the right to open mail received for processing and/or security purposes.

    Right to Suspend and Disable

    We reserve the right, at our sole discretion and without liability to you or any of your contacts, to suspend or cancel the WHOIS Privacy Service and to reveal the Registrant and other contact information in certain circumstances, including but not limited to the following:

    1. when required by law;
    2. in the good faith belief that disclosure is necessary to further determine an alleged breach of a law;
    3. to comply with all legal processes served upon IdentiSafe Ltd, such as Court Orders;
    4. to resolve any and all third party claims including but not limited to ICANN’s or a Registry’s dispute resolution policy;
    5. to avoid financial loss or legal liability;
    6. if we believe that you or one of your Contacts are using the WHOIS Privacy Service to conceal involvement with illegal, illicit, objectionable or harmful activities;
    7. to transmit SPAM, viruses or other malware

    You understand and agree that, in the event that we receive a formal complaint, notice of claim or URDP, that will have the right to disable the WHOIS Privacy Service pending final resolution of the matter.

    Payment Terms and Refunds

    You acknowledge and accept that the WHOIS Privacy service will be run in conjunction with the term of the associated domain name registration and that no refund will be issued for any period in which the WHOIS Privacy Service is dormant or unused. Similarly it is not possible for the privacy service to be charged “pro-rata” and the full fee will be required regardless as to when it is initiated in relation to the associated domain registration renewal cycle.