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    Cloud VPS

    Great Value Cloud VPS – Powered by AppLogic.

    The freedom of a dedicated server without the price tag of a dedicated server. Configure your VPS to your exact needs and scale instantly to grow with your business. Install your choice of operating system from our extensive list or upload your own. Select one of our popular configurations below or build your own spec right now!

    Flexible Configurations

    • 1 – 32 vCPUs
    • 4GB – 156GB DDR4 RAM

    Configure your VPS

    Fast, Reliable & Scalable Virtual Private Servers

    • Cloud XS

      £29.99 Month

      • 1 CPU
      • 5Tb Monthly Bandwidth
      • 1Gb RAM
      • 20G SSD Storage
    • Cloud Small

      £39.99 Month

      • 2 CPUs
      • 5Tb Monthly Bandwidth
      • 2Gb RAM
      • 40Gb SSD Storage
    • Cloud Medium

      £59.99 Month

      • 2 CPUs
      • 5Tb Monthly Bandwidth
      • 4Gb RAM
      • 70Gb SSD Storage
    • Cloud Large

      £99.99 Month

      • 4 CPUs
      • 5Tb Monthly Bandwidth
      • 8Gb RAM
      • 90Gb SSD Storage

    A fantastic, redundant cloud-based environment.

    Cloud hosting is a big deal – it’s a revolution in hosting and in IT infrastructure more generally. Companies are switching over from physical infrastructure to cloud hosted environments in their droves. Choose our Cloud VPS and be part of this revolution and benefit from massive reductions in infrastructure costs, instant flexibility to scale IT resources and full server hardware redundancy.

    Redundant Networks

    Our network is based on a fully redundant infrastructure. We use technology from AppLogic to maintain the highest level of resilience and service availability whilst simplifying the architecture.

    Built to Your Specification

    Why pay for what you don’t need? We give you the flexibility to scale up your processor, memory and disk space independently of each other, and whenever you need to. This enables you to keep your initial hosting costs low as you pay for what you use now, not what you might need to use in the future.

    Easy to Adopt

    A cloud server works just like a traditional Linux server. Anything you can deploy on a linux dedicated server can be deployed on our redundant cloud and is instantly scalable to meet demand. You don’t have to learn any new coding methods for your applications, and the server can be managed in the same way as a traditional server.

    Snapshot Backups

    Kiss goodbye to traditional backup solutions and data restores. On the cloud we simply take a snapshot of your entire server – or even of a multi-server infrastructure. Should you need to roll back to that snapshot, we just shut down your live environment and start up the snapshot and you’re up and running in minutes.

    Is your business in a growth spurt? Does your site experience traffic spikes? Do you want to setup a specific operating system or control panel? Cloud VPS from Host Solutions could be your ideal solution. If you need advice, drop us a line and we’ll steer you in the right direction.

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